About Graviate Brand

Graviate is an eyewear brand well known for its collection of eyeglasses for both men and women. Expect premium quality merchandise made from durable material. Styles are excellent and a blend of traditional and contemporary patterns. With an up to date collection, Graviate’s eyeglasses are still affordable when it comes to prices.

Shapes in eyeglasses by Graviate include round, rectangular, oval, square and more. And, in frame designs, there are full frame, half-frame and rimless frames that can be chosen according to the face shape.

The palette of colors include basic black, trendy whites, shimmering metallic, funky pink and blue, and many more. In patterns, the collection gives you a glimpse of marble print, abstract print, tortoise shell print, and other attractive patterns.

  • Retro Square Glasses

    One of the biggest trends in eyewear is retro square. Be it eyeglasses or sunglasses, this shape is extremely popular, unisex and complements almost every face shape. But retro square frames are best for people who either have a round face shape or an oblong face shape. As this shape balances the roundness in round faces and length in oblong faces.

    Retro square shaped eyewear look classic and are ideal for both casual and formal look. Available in a variety of colors and prints and in full frame and half-frame patterns, retro square frames are loved by today's fashion conscious youth. Almost every top brand has this popular style in its collection.

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  • Round Eyeglasses

    Characterized by a curved silhouette, round frames are equally wide and tall. These are perfect for people with square, heart-shaped and oblong faces because they soften the angular silhouettes, giving a balanced look to the wearer’s face.

    Although, round frames are highly popular and famous as statement designs, those who have round face should avoid wearing this shape, as it will add more roundness to the face. Round frames look great in sunglasses as well as eyeglasses and size can differ from small to medium. They are available in metal and acetate frames and can be worn by both men and women.

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  • Clubmaster Frames

    Also known as browline frames, Clubmaster frames are a popular choice among men. In 1980s, this was the third bestselling style after pilot and retro square frames. Browline frames are suitable for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. The design features a bold brow-shaped thick upper part as compared to the lower part. This brings attention to the upper part of your face, especially natural brow line.

    Making a comeback in an all-new different style, Clubmaster frames are available in classic solid colors as well as fashionable patterns like tortoise shell print and other funky prints. Today, even women are experimenting with this style of eyewear because it gives an edgy look to the wearer.

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  • Oval Eyeglasses

    Oval eyeglasses have a smooth curved oval shape which is sleek and looks uber chic. This shape is typically a blend of round and rectangular frames. Oval glasses draw attention to the eyes while framing your face. These look best on people with square and diamond face shape. In square faced people, oval frames soften the angular look and sit high on the bridge of the nose and make the face look sleek and thin. While in a diamond face shape, this style of frame, accentuates the cheekbones and balances the narrow part at the top of the face.

    Oval glasses are made using a variety of materials. So, they are available as plastic oval eyeglasses, and metal oval eyeglasses.

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  • Rectangle Frames

    Rectangular frames are more in width than in height. They are versatile and the most popular styles in the eyewear industry. When it comes to picking a pair of eyeglasses, the most loved style is rectangular one. Suitable for people with oval, round and heart-shaped faces. This shape looks great in all the three frame designs- rimless, semi-rimless and full-rim.

    They are available in different sizes ranging from sleek shapes to medium sized shapes. Find them in all solid colors as well as refreshing prints for summers and winters and choose as per the occasion and your mood. It is a unisex style that will never go out of fashion.

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  • Horn-Rimmed Eyeglasses

    Originally made from animal horn or tortoise shell, horn-rimmed glasses are now crafted using a thicker material called acetate to imitate those animal inspired styles. Today, they are a popular fashion accessory loved by both men and women. While the upper part is bold, the bottom is kept sleek. They give a bold look to your face as compared to metal and regular plastic frames.

    Many eyewear brands are offering these eyeglasses frames in a variety of colors and patterns. Horn-rimmed glasses are available in both styles- semi-rimless and full rim designs. They are a perfect choice to match with your fall and winter outfits.

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  • Cat Eye Glasses

    One of the most edgy and stylish shapes in women eyeglasses, cat eye frames feature round frames flaring out near the temple area. Women with square or diamond shaped face should opt for this style to balance the sharpness of the face. This style of eyeglasses is available in medium to large sizes and in sleek as well as bold construction. Find them in plain and designer styles consisting of embellishments at the pointed corner of the frame, fancy bridges and cutwork detailing at the temple.

    Popular in the mid 20th century, cat-eye glasses have made a comeback now. They add a touch of sophistication, elegance and modern look to the wearer’s face.

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  • Square Shaped Eyeglasses

    Square shaped eyeglasses feature angular frame shape that have width similar to the height. These are ideal for people with round, oval and oblong faces as they balance the roundness and height creating an illusion of sharpness and shortness. This style is the most classic and popular one amongst all other frames. They come in unlimited colors. From solid colors to dual color tones, you can choose your favorite color which complements your natural skin complexion.

    Almost all the eyewear brands offer a wide range in square shaped frames because the shape is loved by both men and women. Find them in full frame and semi-rimless designs.

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  • Full Rim Glasses

    Full rim glasses feature lenses fully held by plastic, metal or polycarbonate frame or border. This gives them a full-bodied look. If you want to enhance the appearance of your face, full frame glasses are the best. And, because they have a full frame design, they are a little heavy but sturdy as compared to half-rim and rimless ones. Full rim glasses are available in all shapes and sizes like square, rectangle, round, cat-eye, and oval.

    In case of thick corrective lenses, full-frame or full rim glasses are perfect. Also, they are easy to care unlike their rimless and semi-rimless versions.

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  • Half Rim Glasses

    Half-rim or half-frame eyeglasses feature upper half portion covered with a frame and the bottom part is without the frame. Because of such a construction, this type of glasses are light in weight as compared to the full-rim styles. If you wear eyeglasses for a longer duration, then this style is comfortable and give you a stylish look.

    Half frames are delicate and require heavy maintenance as they are prone to breakage and cracks due to the uncovered lower part. This style is ideal for both men and women and available in limited designs. Like, round, rectangular and square shapes.

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  • Rimless Glasses

    These are sleek eyeglasses that offer a broader vision or larger field of view because of no rim around the lenses. You can see clearly at the sides too. Rimless frames look simple yet sophisticated and are extremely light in weight as compared to the other two styles- full-frame and half-frame. Available in limited shapes like oval, rectangular and round, they suit almost every face.

    Rimless glasses complement every outfit, look subtle and classic styles for all times. They require a lot of maintenance as they don’t have framing at the corners and are prone to cracks and breakage. Choices in this style are limited too.

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  • Computer Glasses

    In today’s world, where most of you are addicted to working on digital devices like mobile, laptop, computer and tablet, there are higher chances of developing CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome. It is a condition wherein, while working on a computer, you face trouble focusing on the screen by moving your eyes back and forth. This causes eyestrain and the situation gets worse because of the glare and contrast which results from the digital screens.

    As you age, your eyes become less flexible and you will start facing severe eye related issues. So, it is better to wear computer glasses and reduce the chances of developing CVS.

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  • Premium Eyeglasses

    Premium eyeglasses are all about quality irrespective of looks and style. And, that is why they are expensive too. But today, as there are so many brands and e-stores coming up, you can find a wide range of premium eyeglasses surprisingly at all price ranges and designed using superior quality materials.

    Like premium sunglasses, premium eyeglasses too are available in a lot of colors, designs and patterns. From solid shades to dashing prints, the collection is huge. When it comes to shapes and styles, you can choose from an assortment of pilot glasses, round glasses, oval glasses and more.

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